Welcome Brethren, Family, and Friends,

From The East

     I hope you and your families had a great holiday season. Rockton Lodge was all decorated for the season and looked great as always. Santa found his way to the lodge Christmas party. The kids got presents and even some of the adults.
    The inspection season will be starting very soon. It’s a time to visit other lodges and see brethren we haven’t seen in a while. Rockton Lodge has always had a good history of traveling, and I hope this will continue.
    We will be having several Fellowcraft degrees in the month of February as well as our inspection on Saturday, February 23rd. Our inspection is in the EA degree at 9:00. Hope to see you there. Come support you lodge and officers.
    Our brother, WB Dana Frasier’s wife passed away January 13th. Lets all keep him and his family in our prayers. Dana has always been a great presence at lodge and we look forward to having him back again. May we all be thankful for the loved ones in our lives.

Let us all have a great year in Masonry.

Fraternally yours,
David McIntyre
Worshipful Master