Welcome Brethren, Family, and Friends,

From The East

Holy Cow it’s February already, can’t believe in a few days it will be Valentin’s Day. By the time this newsletter arrives either you remembered or you’re in the dog house! Joking aside, Valentine’s Day gives us the opportunity to tell the Ladies in our lives how much we care for them, a way of saying you are in my thoughts and I Love You. The big issue for your lodge this month is our Inspection February 24 th  we will be conferring the MM degree. I really love to seeing our brothers fill the seats. We have already been through the Pre- Inspection, which Rockton passed with flying colors. Your lodge is in good hands with WB Rick Memmer taking care of the Secretary’s job and WB Jerry Katzenmeyer watching over the Treasurer’s position, they do outstanding work. WB Dana Frazier filled our obligations to our brothers and candidates in his position as our Lodge Education Officer for 2017. I believe the inspecting officer was pleased at how smooth this pre-inspection went. You are all aware that Rockton’s home is an outstanding building, well now it sparkles, Thanks to WB Fred Moore and Barb (AKA Mrs. Moore) along with WB Dave McIntyre, WB Tom Griffith and his son Tyler, WB Shawn Smith, WB Matt Leedom , Brothers Joe Shutack and Jim Murphy who wiped down and polished all, I repeat all the woodwork (think about that job). They had scaffolds and ladders everywhere. Now WB Fred is in the process of getting ready to do some painting. OH yea, when you come up to Lodge don’t forget the sun-glasses. Hey just say’in. I am wrapping up this months From the East and wish you all the very best.

Finally Brethren may the God of Love and Peace Dwell with and Bless you..

Walt Robinson WM