Welcome Brethren, Family, and Friends,


l would like wish all the Brethren a very heartfelt Happy Prosperous & Healthy New Year 2017. l hope you make it a New Years resolution to attend Lodge regularly.

Thanks to these brethren WB Mark Moore 25 years B David L Hardman 35 years WB Terrence L Corley 40 years and brothers Harold T Stewart and Stanley H Christensen 60 years for attending and receiving their well deserved awards and for the family and guests who attended with them for making our awards presentations a very gratifying afternoon. I would like thank all the lady's who made the Christmas Fruit Baskets and all the brethren who delivered the Fruit Baskets. This is a very worth while program which the brethren receiving them really appreciate and are glad to know they are not forgotten by the Brethren especially at this time of year.

The Christmas Party was a great success thanks to our SD B Randy Porter a good time was had by all Kay Lee did a great job with the reading of the POLAR EXPRESS the kids really loved it.

Thank you Kay and her helper Barb.

Fraternally Yours,

WB Dick Schoppelrey