Welcome Brethren, Family, and Friends,

Greetings Brethren,
Welcome back Brethren,
I hope everyone enjoyed the summer and are ready to practice our Craft once again. I want to first thank all the Brethren and friends that came out to our annual picnic and those that made it possible. We also had
several rentals over the summer, these rentals are a vital part of Rockton: so a big thank you to those Brethren that were able to lend their time.
The horse show will be Aug. 22nd @ 10am – 4pm at Achin Acres Farm and Stable, 1777 West 130th Street, Hinckley, OH 44223. Lastly, I would like to thank WB Fred Moore and WB Rick Memmer for lending their time and expertise to repair the water damage in Rockton.
I’m looking forward to seeing everyone soon!
As always, if you have any ideas for improving our Lodge or anyof our programs, please feel free to contact me anytime..


Fraternally, Matthew Dorion, W.M.