Welcome Brethren, Family, and Friends,


I would like thank all the officers of Rockton Lodge for their great work at our inspection . We received a good report thanks to all of you. Thanks to W.B. Rick Memmer your Secretary and W.B. Jerry Katzenmeyer your Treasurer for their work at pre-inspection which made inspection possible. And all they do the whole year that keeps this Lodge going. Thank Unity Lodge for supplying the Candidate Brother James Sherbugh. Thanks to W.B. Dena Frazier for protemping Chaplin and Prompting Thanks to Brother Tom Sonowsky for protemping J.S. Brother Randy Porter did a excellent Lecture And W.B. Terry Corley did a great Charge. Brother Harry Stover did his usual good job with slides for the lecture.

I am very proud to be your Worshipful Master Rockton Lodge is a great Lodge because of its brethren.

Let's keep it going.

Fraternally Yours,

WB Dick Schoppelrey