Welcome Brethren, Family, and Friends,

Greetings Brethren,

Greetings Brethren,

Thanks to all the Brethren who have been traveling and attending Lodge. It has been a busy and productive year, how great is that!

May 3 Stated Lodge

May 14 Grand Masters Reception Avalon Inn Warren, Ohio

May 17 Stated Lodge

May 18 More Light Presentation @ Cortland Lodge 7 PM ( Education)

May 22 2 PM/5 PM Kent Chapter BBQ everyone is invited!!!!!!!!

May 24 Special @7 PM Education

May 31 Special @ 7 PM Education


What is a symbol? Symbols are used extensively in Masonry because they dramatize and impress its lessons more forcefully on the mind and heart of the candidate. What is the rite of destitution? To impress on the candidate's mind that in Masonry no man is regarded for his worldly wealth or honor but for his internal qualifications. Temperance, Eat not to dullness; drink not to elevation. Silence, Speak not, but may benefit others and yourself. Order, All your things have their places. Resolution, resolve to perform what you ought, perform w/o fail what you resolve. Frugality, Make no expense but to do good unto others. Industry, lose no time, cut unnecessary actions. Sincerity, speak accordingly Justice, wrong none by doing injuries. Moderation, avoid extremes. Cleanliness, nothing unclean in body, clothes, or habitation. Tranquility, be not disturbed at trifles. Chastity, rarely use venery but for health or offspring Humility, imitate Jesus and Socrates both!

In the Craft.

Terry  Corley W.M.