Welcome Brethren, Family, and Friends,

From The East
Well I made through Thanksgiving without putting on too many more pounds Connie and I have our dinner with one of our daughter’s and her family, they make a great meal so it is not easy to pass up on all that’s there. I have so much to be thankful for that it is hard to count my blessings. I pray that all went well for you also.
As you may know we had our installation of officers on November 28th, 2017. Barbara Moore, Dorothy Kelly, Ida Schoppelrey, Terry McIntyre and my wife Connie all worked hard to put on a wonderful dinner, it was a great meal, I thank these ladies for their contribution to a successful evening. Afterwards the Masons went to the lodge room for the installation.
I have a wonderful officer line this year to help me with the work of the lodge, Senior Warden WB Dave McIntyre, Junior Warden Bro. Randy Porter, Senior Deacon Bro. Gregg VanSuch, Junior Deacon Bro. Marcus Newton, Secretary WB Rick Memmer, Treasurer WB Jerry Katzenmeyer,
Chaplain RWB Mike Lee, Tyler WB Terry Corley, Senior Steward Bro. Harry Stover, Junior Steward Bro. Bob Hineman and Trustee WB Fred Moore,. Brethren this is a great Team, you can be proud of them,
They are all knowledgeable Masons and hard workers.

Brethren as you may know at Grand Lodge in October we elected a new Grand Master.
He is Most Worshipful Eric R. Schau Grand Master of Mason in Ohio. The new G.M. is from Northeastern Ohio and the 22nd district. This is a wonderful person to meet, a down to earth individual who is very easy to converse with. I believe he will be remembered long after his year as G.M.
I am sure many of you are aware that Masonry along with many other fraternal organizations is losing membership. Much of the loss is thru attrition. The great equalizer takes its toll. As an effort to overcome our losses the new Grand Master has a program entitled the “Replace Yourself Program” as the name implies it is an effort to get you to find someone interested in and become a member of this wonderful fraternal organization. While you may not ask a person to be a Mason there is nothing wrong with telling a man you know to be a good man “I think you would make a great Freemason” and this is what the new program is really about. Every Lodge was given a number of small greeting card sized folded booklets entitled “Behind Closed Doors, the secret of Freemasonry” they are a good way to “break the ice” if you have someone in mind who you think you would like to have as a lodge brother, I would be glad to see that you receive one. Just give me a call at 330-983-9277, better yet come to lodge and meet with your brethren, you won’t regret taking an evening to visit your lodge. Not to mention the
Best refreshments in the district.
Christmas season is upon us and I along with all of Rockton Lodge #316 wish you the best Christmas ever and a Happy New Year,

Walt Robinson WM